Ledyard Farm now has an indoor arena!

Bruce Davidson, Sr.

Ledyard Farm is a 175-acre property in Wenham, Massachusetts, dedicated to the enjoyment and advancement of equestrian sport.

Juliet Graham

In particular, Ledyard Farm is the home of an historic cross-country course as well as an annual series of state of the art eventing clinics.

Michael Plumb

Hilda Rice Ayer, with Forrester (Tim) Clark Sr.
For most of the 20th century, Ledyard Farm was the property of Hilda and Frederick Ayer. Hilda Rice Ayer was raised at Turner Hill in Ipswich, Mass. She brought her love of horses to the Ayer family, and married Frederick Ayer in 1914.

Many children and grandchildren grew up riding on and enjoying the land. In the 1970's, Neil R. Ayer developed a world-class cross country course on the property.
Neil Rice Ayer, Frederick Ayer, Hilda Rice Ayer

In the late 1970's, most of the land at Ledyard Farm was put under conservation restriction. The Ayer family is still very much involved in maintaining and putting the land to good use.
Helen Harrison Ayer and Neil Rice Ayer
The family maintains the cross-country course, and through the Ledyard Farm Equestrian Education Foundation, provides equestrian training, seminars and the clinic series.

In 1975, members of Britain's royal family came to Ledyard Farm to participate in its three-day event. Both Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips competed.

Captain Mark Phillips

Princess Anne

Photograph by Lia Segerblom

In 2006, construction began on Ledyard Farm's indoor arena. Completed in early 2007, the facility offers a state-of-the art sound system for broadcasting lessons and clinics inside the spacious and comfortable, heated viewing area.

Constructed by Tasks Unlimited, Chip Cheston 978-815-2929